Traffic Monitor & 3G/4G Speed 6.2.4

Source:RadioOpt GmbH

Data traffic monitor with integrated speed test and task manager.

The RadioOpt Traffic Monitor measures data traffic consumed by your wifi and cellular interface. Download and upload throughput as well as ping durations can be measured via an integrated speed test.

The task manager displays running processes which can further be stopped upon request.

To use the traffic monitor add the widget to your home screen.

Data traffic counter
- Data traffic counter for wireless and mobile access, separated by up-and download.
- Tethering traffic, when device is used as mobile hotspot
- Traffic statistics per application
- Traffic statistics for current and last day as well as current and last month
- Configurable start day of monthly measurement period

- Measure speed and delay of your wireless connection
- History with your geo-located speed tests

Task manager
- Check currently running apps incl. memory usage
- Kill memory / traffic hungry apps

Furthermore, the app shows the following information (accessible via the options menu in the data traffic view):
- Battery status (level, voltage, temperature)
- Mobile network and cell information

The application is AD FREE. Please give us a COMMENT and RATE.

Thank you!

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